The Pelikan ilo fountain pen is the new trend writing instrument for teenagers. The fountain pen promises inkredible joy, because the name ilo stands for joy - the joy of writing. When long essays or exams have to be written, the Pelikan fountain pen ensures continuous writing pleasure without feeling tired in the fingers.
It owes the ease and pleasure of writing with the ilo fountain pen to its slim shape and low weight. So the writing hand is optimally supported. This is especially important when writing long essays or inventing exciting stories.
The unique soft-touch grip zone relieves the middle finger and prevents the usual pressure points. Due to the additional pleasantly soft surface on the underside of the grip, this Pelikan fountain pen lies particularly comfortably in the hand.

  • For long writing pleasure
  • Right / Left handers
  • Narrow shape and low weight
  • Scratch free nib
  • Unique soft touch grip zone
  • Cap with roll-away protection spring
  • Available in M nib
  • Colour: Blue
  • Made in Germany

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