Upgrade your handwriting!

Product details

  • High quality metal fountain pen made of anodized aluminum
  • Aluminum cap with a new metal clip
  • New soft grip zone for non-fatigue writing
  • Right Hand
  • Made in Germany
  • Golden Glam colour

Reliable quality has a name: Pelikano

Pelikano® is the classic among school fountain pens, and it has been a part of basic school equipment for decades. Its unique design and reliable quality make it a steady companion in any classroom. So teens and adults for whom fashion and lifestyle matter, do not have to go without the pleasures of using this pen, Pelikan has developed the new pen Pelikano Up®. The fancy design meets the expectations of even the most demanding users: Reliable quality and a cool, stylish design is what is expected. This is exactly what the Pelikan Up® stands for, with its trend colors and best functionality.

Improved grip zone allows continuant writing

Not only does the Pelikano Up® offer an appealing design, but its unique product features allow it to shine in any hand: The barrel and the cap - with a high-quality stainless steel clip - are aluminum crafted and provide an easy and comfortable handling of the pen. This is supported by the improved soft grip zone for left- and right-handers. It clearly prevents a fatigue of settling in after long periods of writing at school, university or at home. The high-quality nib of the Pelikano Up® is made of robust stainless steel and guarantees a clean and neat handwriting. The nib sizes available are M. The Pelikano Up® also has a large ink window, for a quick monitoring of your current ink level.

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